Hi there, my name is Petra Kupská, and I come from the Czech Republic, a small country in the heart of Europe.

I married a charming guy some 20 odd years ago, with whom I have two awesome sons – 14 and 16 years of age.

Our family lives in a small pleasant town in Northern Bohemia, surrounded by the Jizera Mountains.

With the German and Polish borders being just a stone’s throw away. The area is also a Tri Border Area as the Tripoint of the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, as the borders of all three countries meet very near here.

You may be wondering: Why's a Czech woman starting a blog in English?

This idea wasn't born in easy times! It is March 2020 and both Europe and America – actually the whole world - are fighting the Coronavirus pandemic.

A week ago, a state of emergency was declared by the Czech government for the first time in the history of The Czech Republic.

Schools and most shops are closed and the movement of citizens is limited to the necessary minimum – people can go to work, do the necessary shopping and take care of their elderly relatives.

I am staying at home with the boys, while my husband is still going to work.

My sons never stop eating. Unless you have one, you can´t imagine how hungry teenagers at this age can be! For me this means spending almost all day, every day in the kitchen, making breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner.

Children are studying from home, teachers are setting them their work via Google Classroom. One of the essential subjects at school is English.

And the idea for this blog came from here.

So that my older son did not forget all the things he already knows, we´ve made a deal: I'll cook, then write a recipe in Czech and my son will translate everything into English. Then we'll put it into this blog.

I think it's a good way to get over the adversity of the current situation. The outlook isn't very positive and we may well end up at home for several weeks or even months. But let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope it will all turn out well in the end!

I've decided to cook and share only Czech recipes here. Czech cuisine is very traditional with many unique dishes, so it has a lot to offer.

I hear you asking - what about my skills and potential?

I've been cooking for more than 25 years. As such I have more than enough experience, I know a lot of little tricks and how to cook food to make it taste great. Furthermore, I'm a certified dietetian nutritionist, so I can pick just the right ingredients for each recipe to make it as good as possible.

I've got some awesome Czech cookbooks on hand (I got one from my parents when I got married).

The cookbooks include a lot of Bohemian and Moravian culinary treasures. All the recipes here on the blog were cooked, tried and approved by me and the hardest critics of all, my two boys.

The recipes posted here are mostly from these Czech cookbooks and I can say they're the best that you can get.

P. S. We're not native speakers, and as such, please excuse any grammatical errors or weird sentences you may find. Thank you :o)

Enjoy this blog and every single dish you decide to try out. And as we say in Czech - Dobrou chuť!